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YOUR VIRTUAL EYES AND EARS: Prospecting for NSF ITEST GRANT & STEM CENTER Capacity Building Assets

Detroit skyline

2007 Northern / Midwest Area Conference

October 18–20, 2007

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Join us in "the Motor City" for NSTA's first fall conference. Detroit is a city of rhythms, from the assembly line to the best of Motown, jazz, and blues. Our conference theme, "Engineering a Brighter Future," says it all—professional development at its best.

The conference headquarters hotel is the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center. Conference registration and sessions will be at Cobo Center, as will the exhibits, the NSTA Science Store, and the NSTA Showcase. Short courses and some meetings and social events will be held at the Marriott.

The conference will begin with concurrent sessions on Thursday, October 18, at 8:00 AM. The conference will end on Saturday, October 20, at 12 Noon with the closing of the exhibits.

Please review the days events and exhibits and "comment" on anything you believe should be explored.


Friday, October 19 9:30 AM–12:00 PM

Planning, Designing, and Constructing a New High School Science Facility: A Hands-On Practicum
COBO Center, W1-55

Join the NSTA Team on Planning School Science Facilities for an action-packed two-hour session on how to plan and design your new science facilities and follow a newly constructed high school science building from the initial planning stages through construction and occupancy. Learn how the needs of the science department were translated into bricks and mortar over a two-year period. The authors of the new NSTA Guide to Planning School Science Facilities (August 2007) will guide you through the

Presenter(s): James T. Biehle (Inside/Out Architecture: Kirkwood, MO); Sandra West (Texas State University: San Marcos, TX); Juliana Texley (Palm Beach Community College: Boca Raton, FL); LaMoine L. Motz (Oakland Schools: Waterford, MI)

FORMAT: Workshop
SUBJECT: General Science
GRADE LEVEL: Supervision/Administration

Friday, October 19 9:30–10:30 AM

Students Do It…Will You? (Using Instructional Technology)
COBO Center, M2-30

Instructional technology has poked its nose into schools throughout the decades, often with teacher trepidations and suspicions. This has been the same since “ancient” times when my algebra teacher introduced my class to the abacus and my chemistry teacher introduced us to the slide rule. The focus of instructional technology is to provide tools for educators to use in a variety of classroom environments in order to reach a wider student audience. Through computer applications, authentic data retrieval, and scientific laboratory investigations, science teachers have great opportunities to address learners of all modalities through a variety of approaches, a natural means of differentiated instruction.

Presenter(s): Barry Fried, Principal, John Dewey High School, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Bio: Barry Fried’s enthusiasm for science education started more than 25 years ago. Now principal of John Dewey High School, Barry emphasizes the advancement of science and technology education for all student populations. An SSEP (Solar System Educators Program) teacher trainer for the New Horizons mission, Barry presents workshops for teachers, students, and community events. Barry has been a major force in collaborating with other educators in working with NASA’s Distance Learning Network and schools across the country in engineering and technology projects as well as cultural exchange programs. This venture has given students the chance to engage in technologies to bridge cultural and societal gaps that exist among high school students from diverse backgrounds and academic levels.

FORMAT: Featured Speaker
SUBJECT: General Science

Friday, October 19 9:30–10:30 AM

Think Internationally: NSF Support for Worldwide Education Collaboration
COBO Center, D2-09/10

To develop globally engaged scientists, the National Science Foundation is creating collaboration opportunities with classrooms around the world. Come learn about these opportunities and share your ideas.

Presenter(s): Ruth McDonald (National Science Foundation: Arlington, VA)

FORMAT: Presentation
SUBJECT: General Science
GRADE LEVEL: Elementary-High School

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