Thursday, May 10, 2007

Good morning Jim. As you can see, I'm in.
My Chicago projects start on June 9, 2007 and end on July 28, 2007. We are building a 40 acre, sustainable retreat in Pembroke, Illinois. We're pouring the foundation for a 1375 sq.ft. AgriHome Fred Carter, President, Black Oaks Sustainable Renewable Living (Pembroke) has already started installing the solar for water. We need some of your panels to power communicatons, lights, security, etc. The AIM students can participate via digital conferencing with Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). IIT is providing technology support for Black Oaks projects in Pembroke.

What are some other connectivity points and content resources?

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James said...


This looks like an outstanding project for alternative/sustainable energy & housing derivatives.

You also mention AIM Program students videoconferencing with the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). Could you briefly describe what the students might encounter during their virtual connection?

I also see the dates and commitments of your precious time and resources and am wondering if you might be "spreading yourself a little thin" with regards to supporting AIM Summer Program 2007 initiatives.