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Compendium of Good Ideas and Great Thinking! (Kimberly Kassner)

AIM Good News Newsletter
It would put all successes, happy news and uplifting things in it. It would be passed free into the community and they would make $ on advertisers and sponsors. It could also report on the success of the AIM project with the newsletter in and of itself begin one of the success stories.
Also THANK YOU LEO for all your input, comments on what I've written and for your insightful ideas!

(In the next meeting) can we discuss if you think she could or should be part of this--showing the students HOW to raise money and her doing it with them-- until they can sustain doing it for themselves? It's your call. It's funny how people just show up when you think about a need.

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Thank you for your response. I will try to fill you in on my most recent success and give you some insight into my experience in Marketing Communications and Fundraising. I'm not sure what I would charge, I would have to know what their needs are first.
For the last two years I have worked as the Chair person for the Annual Gala for St. Joseph School. I revamped their entire event and went from less than 70,000.00 in revenue in 04' to 113,000.00 in 05' and 135,000,00 in 06'. Because of my success in increasing the revenue and number of attendees during hard economic times, the Church hired me, this year, to run their annual campaign. After creating a communications plan for the campaign and a successful launching of the kickoff events after one week we have almost doubled the amount in donations and number of families that have responded. Not only am I working with them on the fundraising end of of but the communications part as well. They typically have not met their numbers and have had to take money out of their annual budget to make up the difference. We are planning this year to surpass our target and be able to repave the parking lots.

Another client that I have worked with over the last year and a half has been with North Oakland SCAMP Funding Corporation where I have been able to utilize my marketing and fundraising skills. I recently presented a proposal to conduct an Annual Gift Giving Campaign for them. We are in the process of begining their 1st Gift campaign after 30 years of being a non-profit organization.

Prior to working with NOSFC I worked as a Director of Community Development at a private School in Northern Oakland County. During my two years there, I had the opportunity to build the position from the ground up. I established an Annual Fund and Building Campaign, created many new fundraising programs, revamped the existing ones, and increased the amount of foundation money, corporate sponsors, private and individual donors. Many of the programs and projects I started during my 2 years of service cont inue to be a success for the school.

Ten years at EDS provided me the opportunity to work with all levels of management. In my position as a Marketing Specialist I worked directly on the GM account. I led them in building and executing their marketing and communications plans. As a Marketing Associate working mostly with EDS employees on a GM account, I conducted communication plans and managed their marketing needs. I worked for several years supporting the video conferencing and the GM Multimedia groups. For four years I worked on the EDS/GM car show that was held at the EDS Troy Headquarters. Two of the four years I worked directly with the Chairperson and handled all the marketing aspects of the event. My work prior to EDS was in advertising and production houses supporting the retail and automotive industry.

Highlights of my credentials include graphic design, project coordination, editing, proposal writing, knowledge of print procedures, client and vendor interface, presentations, development and execution of marketing and communications plans, research, public relations activities, event planning, annual budget preparation, fund-raising, marketing collateral development and direction of annual fund and building campaigns.

I hope this helps, thank you for passing my name along. I also forwarded your information on to our principal at St. Joseph School and told her how your seminar has helped Emily with her confidence. You will be happy to know Emily no longer struggles in Math and had all A's and 2 B+'s last phase and the phase before she had all A's. She has some honors classes at Notre Dame Prep so they are not easy classes! If you have information that I could share with the counselor at St. Joes and also at NDP, I am sure they would love to have that as reference material for anyone who may be interested in your workshops. (You can send it to me at 9204 Morning Mist Dr., Clarkston, MI 48348)
LMG Consulting, LLC
Lisa M. Gray
(248) 895-2067
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I'm happy you liked Bucketfillers! Carol, the founder is wonderful.
I'm working with a program called AIM in the Detroit schools. They are teaching the students how to do everything for themselves. I'm sure fundraising will be a part of it. How much would you charge them to help the kids? I could promote you to them, but I need to know of at least one big success you had raising money, so I can toot your horn.:) This pilot we're doing could lead you to a lot of business in the future too. We're hoping to eventually expand throughout the whole school system!
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I loved your e-mail and am especially interested in the link you sent on I forwarded it on to our principal and offered to help organize it! What a great thing they are doing!
Also, if you know of anyone looking for help in Marketing or Fundraising that is what I am doing now. I don't have a website yet but will be working on that this summer. My specialty is working with Non Profits in creating communication plans to help streamline an organizations communications and increase awareness of a particular product or service. I currently am working with Clarkston SCAMP ( and am working on a fundraiser with St. Joseph Catholic Church. I'm looking to increase my client base and would appreciate any help you could offer. I know that this is what I was meant to do. After taking your workshop it became clear to me that I needed to do something with my talents. I just wasn't sure what that was. It has been quite a journey for me since then and am loving every minute of it. Having my own business has gi ven me the flexibility of working whil e my kids are at school or into the night if I need to but most importantly to be at all their activities when they need me.
Please keep the e-mails coming they are inspiring sometimes just when I need it the most!!
God Bless,

MEETING SYNOPSIS (Kimberly Kassner)
on what all of YOU said in the meeting. Am I on? Way off?
If I'm right on, I see this happening quickly.
Also, an FYI. I'll be out of the country May 28-June 5

Vision for AIM according to how I understood all components of the 5/16 meeting

Organically Student driven

Beginning with the results: What’s BEST for the kids and going backwards

  • AIM wants results
  • Student’s want results
  • Schools want results (if they get credit)??
  • Ford wants proven tangible goals—leading to results
  • Community wants results
  • Parents want results

Planning on how the showcase day will appear (assuming we have 80 kids):

(Pick the top kids in each program to showcase for the above groups)

All students are involved in each program, but in week 2-3 they may specialize IF they choose. (I’m not clear on this. It may just evolve organically)

  • At least 10 kids (with gifted techno. ability) showcase the web site they will create for AIM
  • Approx. 10-20 kids with strong speaking ability discuss/demonstrate how EM helped them, and how they see it helping them in school, their personal lives and in the AIM program overall. Even how they can aid other students.
  • 20-30 kids work on community program with neighborhood, neighborhood church, nearby businesses and families. One to five of best speakers report on what happened, what the kids learned and how it impacted them
  • 20-30 kids work on fund raising ideas and a plan on how they will be implemented for AIM for the 2007-08 school year. All 80 will play a role in fund raising. They decide how it will work with the direction of Dr. Ward i.e. talent show fund raiser, WHY NOT MAKE THE SHOWCASE DAY A FUND RAISER TOO and get people to give a donation after they see what miracles have taken place. This could be media driven—by the kids too. Or a kid’s dinner (they cook), science fair with demonstrations and hors’d oeuvres, . . .. They start the ground work for all or some of it in the 4 weeks.
  • All students will be compensated for their efforts in this program from local businesses, tutoring other kids, (funded by no child left behind) fundraising, creating web sites, mentoring other Detroit school kids, cable shows, radio shows, writing an AIM newspaper for all Detroit schools . . . (JUST LIKE REAL LIFE)
  • Finding mentors for the students in their areas of interest (for at least 10 of the students this summer). It’s a beginning . . .
  • They choose future programs for AIM i.e. Challenge Day, Bucket Fillers, . . .

I realize this is just the beginning, but if we can achieve THIS in 4 weeks AIM will blow every other program out of the water! Dr. Ward would start setting the foundation for the students to accomplish this, the rest of this school year, so they can start brainstorming NOW. This will put them ahead of the game-- learning to BE proactive versus reactive. Even if it’s not all accomplished, but it’s ALL laid out and well planned for the world to SEE, then it will spread. AIM will be good to go! As the teens say, we need to be tight and rock on! Am I on target? Is this what I heard you all wanted?

Just an FYI, Doug Ross knows all about EmpowerMind. I met with him twice but he never followed through. He's still IN THE SYSTEM.
I still need to learn HOW you are bringing the digital technological learning to the kids. Maybe I can sit in on it.:)

Have you thought of addressing their diet? I have a great lead in piece to it in my workshop, but don't have the expertise to bring it further. Do any of you know a kinesiology practitioner who would volunteer a day to test the kids or at LEAST talk with them? Or anyone else who may help instill how critical diet is for them?

Hi Jim,
I just spoke to my producer. Although I know you were offering the filming as a perk and from kindness, it's best for me NOT to be filmed until AFTER we shoot the 'Genius film unless I own ALL rights. I'm assuming it would be the same with the cable TV. We'll have to hold off on cable altogether until the film is complete. It would be out of integrity for me to do this after all the work and effort (and believe me there's been a lot) that my producer and production team have already so graciously given me at no cost.
I'm so thrilled about this opportunity and KNOW we will all help change many lives!
If you have questions, please call me.

GREAT meeting with ALL of you today. I am honored to be a part of your vision.
As promised, here's my 6 minute link that is accompanying my memorandum for the film
Jeff Gabreilson, from Challenge Day, will be contacting you to discuss Challenge Day for the Principal's meeting. Jeff also has a GREAT connection to a group of volunteers committed to helping the kids of Detroit--just what we were looking for, for potential additional mentors for the kids.
This is going to be SO big. There are no limits. And GOD is GREAT!

Hi Kimberly:

OUTSTANDING VIDEO! (Nailed It!) AND there are no coincidences. MOST impressive resonating comment during yesterday's various exchanges............I'm In! (Kimberly Kassner)

Your enthusiasm and passion for your life's-work is contagious! I'm reading your book to gain a deeper contextual understanding regarding your associative learning methodologies. THANKS! (especially for the personalized inscription, I view the AIM Program as a very precious "bloom" indeed and one which we all can nurture and cultivate. The underlying "root-stock" provided by the MASTER-GARDNER is of exceptional and exemplar lineage)

"Organic Leadership:" The GIFT that keeps on giving. Witness: Your "Challenge Day" connection that will bring a deeper meaning to our collective efforts. We will attempt to ADD this element to or AIM Summer Program offerings if that is possible.

I have also sent you an invitation to the AIM Strategic Planning Team blog-site.

Hope ALL finds you well............



Thank you Jim! I'm thrilled you are reading the book! We all need to understand each other's piece so collectively we are more powerful than alone. I need to fully understand each of your pieces too. I'd like to sit in on your programs as the students experience them.
A side note, if you know any Michigan companies or angel investors who MIGHT be interested in becoming an executive producer (or one of the EPs) for our film--please let me know. If we get funded this summer, we could include the kids from the AIM program in the film. THAT would thrill me!! PLUS the credibility of the film will help give even MORE credibility to the AIM project.
Enjoy this magnificent day!

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