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IMS GLC Community News
18 May 2007
Call for Interest and Participation : Personalized Learning Through Assessment and Sequencing

Personalized Learning Through Assessment and Sequencing

The IMS Global Learning Consortium is gauging potential interest in and seeking participant organizations for a new project group to establish interoperability standards, specifications, and best practice for personalized learning in the education and training sectors.

The new project group will tentatively look at the application of existing IMS GLC specifications, such as simple sequencing, shared state persistence, common cartridge, vocabulary definition and exchange, question and test interoperability, learning tools interoperability, learner information, access for all, metadata, enterprise, learning design, resource lists and reusable definitions of competencies.

Many organizations worldwide are already using these IMS GLC specifications and standards to implement different approaches to personalized learning. IMS GLC is especially interested in the combination of formative assessment and sequencing with instructor-in-the-loop monitoring and analytic reporting to support and enable self-directed learning.

Potential objectives of this group include:

  • Making it easier for developers of curriculum materials to map content and assessment items to organizational-specific learning outcomes, whether they be based on curriculum standards or talent management objectives
  • Tying learning objectives and curriculum standards to content and assessment items
  • Developing an easier to understand and implement approach to sequencing and/or learning application data exchange that will enable wider use of adaptive learning
  • Linking measurable events and activities to instructor monitoring and sequencing to enhance learning outcomes and productivity
  • Linking measurable events and activities to enterprise reporting to gauge achievement levels
IMS GLC invites interested organizations to help charter this new workgroup. IMS GLC will be collecting use case scenarios over the next 30 days. If your organization is interested in participating, please contact indicating name, organization, title, and use scenarios you wish to contribute.

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